Mountain Home, Sans Soucis, Seychelles Press

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  • Mountain Home, a new-build residential project we completed in the Seychelles is garnering some press coverage.

    ‘Ocean & Mountain View’, or Savy House, is the practice’s second new-build house commission in the Seychelles, following ‘Island Panorama’ or Thorrington House, and the success of our first completed building in the Seychelles, ‘Mercury House’ .

    • The project is a contemporary of the 5 Luxury homes in Milton Keynes, that Studio Ageli was developing at around the same time. Each one of these projects differs greatly from the other, demonstrating the breadth of the studio’s work and capabilities even within one typology.
      • Modernism remains an enduring and key inspiration for the practice, and it was a pleasure to re-explore the projects that influenced the design, such as Mies Van Der Rohe at Farnsworth House, Pierre Koenig at the iconic Stahl House in the Hollywood Hills and Jeffrey Bawa’s effortless fusion of tropical and modern architecture.
        • With the trust of our client, we feel privileged to have been able to develop this unique and wonderful house, in an extraordinary and beautiful setting. We thank them and the journalists/ publishers of this article.