Competition: Streetscapes, Croydon

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  • Competition to enhance a route between east and west Croydon stations.

    Our proposal aims at a simple, light approach to streetscaping rather than the addition of yet more types of street furniture, surface treatment or changing of the built environment through urban planning. We also aim to involve the community in the process through consultations as well as being hands on with the delivery of the new route between east and west Croydon.

    The primary driver is to create a number of pavilions along the route to be used by the public. These can be private inner worlds or places that are visible from afar and attract many people. The idea of the pavilion is that it has a distinct and clear atmosphere or character.

    Each pavilion will be connected to Croydon and chosen by the public. Our proposal for 3 pavilions along the competition route is illustrative but also indicative of the possibilities, variety and playfulness of the idea. The 3 pavilions are:

    Play (skate park)

    Represent (gallery and stage)

    Sanctuary (garden)

    • To unify these pavilions along the route we propose a decluttering, reorganisation and subsequent reinstatement of existing street furniture once it has undergone customisation. Each piece will be
      decorated with patterns/graphics in a unique palette which can be seen along the entire trail and on pavilions to give coherence. The ground will also be similarly decorated by simply painting over
      existing surfaces.

      The ID and branding of the route will be transferable to print and digital media as well as advertising, awareness and other campaigns. The graphics will act as way-finding and signposting will be incorporated as well. This element of the scheme can be renewed or changed to coincide with calendar or special events and can become an evolving work in progress that involves local people and artists
      rather than fixed.

      Further connectivity will be achieved along the route with wifi boosters and hotspots and if the budget allows, regenerative electricity technology in the floor.

      Pavilions will each have some basic amenities such as internet access, drinking water, a bicycle pump and tourist/ visitor information. They will also be built from a modular panel system that can be easily
      assembled, dismantled, modified, moved and recycled. Pavilions can be as temporary as is required. Fabrication and installation of pavilions can be tailored to the budget – as many as is required can be installed either on the route or in the vicinity or on other routes in the future. The concept and theme
      are maintained regardless of scale of delivery.

      • Completed: May 2017
        Architect: Studio Ageli
        Partners: Rive Roshan, Syntax Lighting, Cellar Door