Models: Mountain Home, Sans Soucis, Seychelles

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  • A series looking at our approach to physical model making and prototyping - 3D print of the project at 1:100.

    This 3D print was developed from a digital 3D model of the project refined to accommodate but also take advantage of the limitations and nuances of the machine being used to produce the piece.

    The aim was to create a commemorative jewel-like artifact that highlighted the project’s key attributes, namely: the seamless quality of the house which extends effortlessly over the undulating landscape and; the relationship of the various components to each other and their composition/ how they come together to form a whole. Together, these 2 qualities help to break down what is an imposing house and integrate it into its landscape.

    The house itself was completed in March 2019, making this model a retrospective study. A one-off gold version was presented to the client as a gift in April 2019 – the photographed model is in the practice’s collection.

    • Completed: March 2019
      Architect: Studio Ageli
      Printer: ecoLogicStudio
      Photography: Michele Panzeri