Providence Warehouses, Seychelles (GAGA Awards Shortlisted)

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  • 500 square metres of warehousing with office on the island of Mahé for the country's largest insurance company.

    In the short time since its unveiling, the building has become an iconic local landmark with a popular appeal. It was also shortlisted for the 2020 GAGA Awards and has been published.

    The main façade is reminiscent of Victorian warehouses with a saw-tooth roof, a bold singularity of form and crisp corrugated metal cladding. This is accentuated and complimented by a stripped down, simple and formal approach to openings and fixings. The sliding screen is a playful reference to loading bay doors and crane arms found in older warehouses, with the introduction of graphic and way-finding elements to give function and identity. At the lower level, a cool light grey matches the concrete apron and blends-in, contrasting sharply against the deep claret of the upper level, which reflects the client’s branding.

    Internally, the entire footprint is given over to warehousing with a small administrative office and WC upstairs linked to each unit. The steel portal-frame has been designed to allow for an extension to the upper level if a tenant needs to expand their administrative facilities.

    The quality of the design, detail and build really do stand out. As such, all warehouse units were pre-let and there is now a waiting list for the building.