Sans Soucis House in Seychelles is Completed

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  • A second luxury home in Seychelles is completed.

    We are delighted to announce the completion of this stunning house in the Seychelles which shows off the practice’s capabilities and strengths in design and detailing.

    • As with the first house, this was commissioned by a friend and client who shared our vision from the start for a cool modernist sculptural house that creates views in and around itself. This was a fun and joyful project reflecting the client’s love of entertaining, laughter and openness.
      • The build was relatively straight forward and we simplified the structure so that it was a straight Corbusian concrete column grid but the granite outcrop would prove a challenge to work with. Though this is a complex and extensive property, it was well delivered and feels very much like a 6 star hotel with immaculate detailing, materiality and finish.
        • Another 2 houses have been commissioned on the strength of people visiting this project – we are very proud of this and our previous Seychelles house. A big thank you to Michele Panzeri who photographed this house for almost 5 days straight, never growing tired of looking for the perfect picture, always finding new ways of seeing the house afresh.