Camphill Communities, Milton Keynes - Phase 1 Design Commences

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  • RIBA Stages 3-4 (detail design) for phase 1 of a large new-build residential care master-plan for Camphill Communities MK, commenced in April 2021.

    Studio Ageli is excited to announce that phase 1 of the Camphill Community project in Milton Keynes has commenced (stages 3-4, detail design). This includes the respite care facility/ shop building on the Willen site and a residential building on the Pennylands site. A team is being pulled together for a project, and announcements will be made shortly.

    • The practice started working with Camphill in 2016 to review their current sites and how they might improve and expand. The scope expanded from this initial feasibility study to a large and detailed planning exercise which included internal and public consultations as well as with the local Parish, council and other stakeholders/ groups associated with Camphill.
      • The scheme is set over two sites and will enable the charity to continue to provide a high level of care to those with learning difficulties. Detail design for phase 1 commenced in March 2021. The overall project encompasses: a new workshop building; a respite care facility with a new organic and home grown shop below; refurbishment of the theatre to make more accessible changing rooms and better positioned entrance/ events space; 5 new residential buildings offering 80 new beds; a community hub; and a comprehensive and large scale landscaping scheme and improved site planning.
        • Camphill Milton Keynes Community (CMKC) is a charity committed to supporting Adults aged 18 years and over who have special needs, within Milton Keynes Community and the surrounding area. This includes individuals with learning difficulties, autism, mental health needs. Support is provided in small family units where individual living skills are developed and quality of life is enhanced, and where individuals are at the centre of their own care and support. CMKC seeks to promote and encourage principles of dignity, responsibility and self worth. Its aim is to nurture the individual in all aspects; physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual. Its core beliefs will encompass a range of approaches including aspects of the anthroposophical ethos of Dr Rudolph Steiner.
          • Photography: reproduced with permission of Camphill Milton Keynes Community (CMKC)
            • Further project related images to follow