Bespoke Stair/ Bar Window Arrives for Sans Soucis House

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  • Almost a year after the project was completed one of the final few touches is installed (see projects: 'Private luxury home, Sans Soucis, Seychelles').

    The bar concept was for a beautifully crafted fluted glass element with a back-lit panel – the frame not only holding the glass in place but also forming shelves on which to present all the paraphernalia of a bar. With the colourful bottles and liquids glowing behind the fluted glass, the entrance becomes dramatic, intriguing and inviting.

    • This adds to the client’s collection of large-scale commissioned pieces and artworks which include the waveform Larch-timber cladding to the main entrance stair and the laser-cut screen forming a backdrop to the gazebo which showcases some of the island’s flora.