Islamic Centre, Milton Keynes

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  • New build cultural and community centre in the heart of Milton Keynes, inspired by Islamic architecture.

    A charity project and an important milestone for the city’s Muslim population. Several years in the making, the project faced constraints of time, budget, approvals processes, and stakeholder and community liaison. Alongside construction consultancy, we helped manage cash flow, targets and forecasting for fundraising activities.

    Pitched down to the entrance, the roof breaks down the building mass and creates a smaller, lower structure. Another roof conceals the rest of the building, with building levels exploiting the change in topography across the site.

    Islamic architectural tradition inspires an elevated roof and clerestory in the hall — an interpretation of the dome’s lightness and continuity. The exterior curves to form a part courtyard. Geometric pattern and proportion ties in spaces throughout.

    Facing Mecca, the prayer hall opens onto a magnificent view of the hills and woodland beyond, while the other spaces curve away to follow the path of the sun.

    • Completed: October 2014
      Photography: Michele Panzeri